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Visit Carew, one of the few castles to display the development from Norman fortification to Elizabethan country house. See the archaeological evidence of a much earlier settlement, dating back perhaps some 2,000 years.

Enjoy Carew’s delightful country setting, overlooking the 23 acre Mill Pond.

Over the centuries, remarkable individuals, some with close royal connections, have made their mark on the castle. The beautiful Princess Nest, the powerful Sir Rhys ap Thomas and the ambitious Sir John Perrot are all part of the Carew story.

The Great Tournament of 1507, attended by 600 nobles, was one of the last of its kind in Britain. Yet the castle also reflects the everyday lives of lesser figures – servants and craftsmen, priests and stewards, and the common soldiery. To explore the winding stairways, the massive towers, the lofty halls and the many intricate rooms and passages of Carew Castle is to tread in the footsteps of both powerful lord and humble peasant.

During the summer months a wide variety of events are staged at Carew, including drama, school projects, holiday activities, battle re-enactments, country fairs and concerts. Details can be obtained from the castle.

One of only three restored tidal mills in Britain, with all its original machinery, this fine four-storey building is part of the Carew historic site. An introductory slide-tape programme is complemented by automatic ‘talking points’ around the mill explaining the milling process.

The Story of Milling exhibition traces milling through the ages, including the development of cereal crops, sources of power and the mill’s role in the farming community.

(photo courtesy of Dorian Spencer Davies)

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